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Saturday, 5 January 2013

007 will never assume anything. Do you?

It is obviously summer time as we yet have another feast of James Bond on Free to Air TV. Personally, I love it; being a James Bond fan of more than 50 years (wow that dates me) I remember well being taken by my dad to watch Sean Connery do his thing.

Last night it was “For Your Eyes Only” with an array of beautiful girls; car chases, ducking bullets; escaping from helicopters, sharks and other underwater challenges in the Mediterranean to some fancy skiing and then impossible climbing in Greece.

Have you noticed how James Bond never assumes he is safe? He always has options. A second way out; a last minute quick thinking always saves the day.

In your marketing how much do you assume?

Do you assume…
Just because you have great food and service your customers want to dine with you when your competitors are also offering the same
Your customers think about you first when deciding where to dine
Customers and the business community know you cater for weddings; business functions and briefings; special events and other occasions
They know you do provide catering services; help with event planning; will operate outside the normal business hours; etc. etc.
Customers know you sell gift cards and other services
You have to discount your services to fill your restaurant
Customers know the special dining packages you offer
All your customers will see your Facebook posts, your emails, your newspaper ads and  other promotional material
You don’t have to regularly communicate with your customers

Marketing your restaurant or any business is not a “one night stand” it is a continuous program of education using multiple media and channels to get your message through. 

This means constantly reminding them…
That you exist
The reasons why they should dine with you
The services you offer
That you care about them and your community
That you offer great food, great service and great value

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Alistair Gray
Doctor Profit

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