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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Is your restaurant's web site mobile friendly?

Just like having systems in place to collect customer contact details, it is a critical success factor for your restaurant to have a mobile friendly website. 

Without one you will be losing more and more business as time goes on.

I have just read some of the latest statistics from the States and a IAB Study that showed...

  • 68% of American's now own a mobile device. In Australia I know it is over 50% and trending up rapidly. In my brief research one small Google study indicated Australian smart phone use is higher than in the States
  • 37% of smart phone users contacted a friend about a purchase on their phone... That is like a recommendation. For your restaurant that is pretty important
  • 35% accessed the internet to check prices and availability 
  • 80% used their smart phone to access retailer web sites
Other important statistics I found from Google Mobile Ads include...
  • 61% only look at the first page of their search results when on a mobile phone
  • 35% make a purchase on their phone... Important if you are a Pizza or other fast food operator
  • 32% change their mind about purchasing a product or service as a result of researching on their smart phone
In another study by Lab42 they found...
  • An incredible 95% used a smart phone prior, to dining out
  • 70% used their smart phone at dinner... a bit sad really but of these 19% updated their status on Facebook and 24% to take pictures of their entrĂ©es
  • 85% trusted reviews from fellow diners more than reviews from professionals and other food sites... the lesson from this is you need to make it easy for your happy diners to post reviews (I will touch on this in an upcoming webinar "How to boost restaurant profits by 135%!")
Check out the great Lab42 infographic for more of the numbers.

The moral of the story here is you need to make your website mobile friendly. Also, you need to set up systems to encourage your customers to make positive reviews.

First, I suggest you act like a customer and look at your website on your mobile phone. If it has not been optimised for a mobile experience get someone working on it for you as a priority.

Depending upon the complexity of your web site, you may be able to put together a quick fix using a service at This may require a nominal subscription where you can make the changes yourself and paste a bit of HTML code in to your web site. This enables mobile devices to be recognised and visitors see a mobile version of your web site. Otherwise, you will require a web developer to do some work for you and even set up a separate mobi web site. In need I can introduce to someone who can help you.

For myself, I found I could make this blog mobile friendly using dudamobile but 2 other sites require some major overhaul work. Long overdue anyway.

Alistair Gray 
Doctor Profit