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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Recommended Reading: 9 Ways to achieve on line marketing magic by Ken Burgin

Hospitality guru Ken Burgin says it all in this great article recently published in the Hospitality Magazine. A must read for any restaurateur who wants to ensure they have all the bases covered.

"A good effective online presence for your hospitality operation is essential in today's business environment, writes Ken Burgin". 

See the full article here

In the article he talks about the importance of an online presence and using all the tools to get your message out there, including an effective web site; a regular email newsletter; regular posting to your blog; directory listings and much more.

Alistair Gray
Doctor Profit

Monday, 6 August 2012

9 ways to use video in your restaurant marketing to boost sales

Video is a brilliant tool to quickly and briefly share news about your restaurant to your customers. What better way do you have of quickly and authentically being able to share the excitement of your business.

These days it is really easy to record a video. You can now even quickly capture video on your phone and then quickly make it available on Facebook for the world to see. Video is way better than any fancy brochure and a static web site to communicate excitement and the special things you have to offer.

You can use videos to:
1.      Share news about your special offers and promotions
2.      Tell everyone about your events: 
a.      The wine appreciation evening
b.      The special theme nights e.g. Napoleon’s Birthday, Dance nights, Movie nights, etc.
c.    The birthdays and anniversaries, etc.
3.      Showcase special dishes you offer, or to promote a new dish or menu
4.      Share how to information e.g.
a.      How we can help you with catering your board room lunch
b.      A check list for holding a successful function
c.       How to host a charity event
d.      How to work with the restaurant to raise money for your school or sports team
e.      How to choose the right wine for your meal
f.        Chefs Corner – cooking tips and recipes
g.      How to eat for FREE and by the most benefit out of your VIP Program
h.      How to eat for FREE by referring new customers to the restaurant
5.      Show customer testimonials… videoing a customer on the spot after a great night or function can be really valuable
6.      Introduce your key people… The Chef, The Manager, The Wait Staff, The Owner
7.      Communicate your customer charter and values… stand for something, be real and your customers will love it
8.      Give customers a look behind the scenes…
a.      In the kitchen
b.      Planning a large customer event
c.       Making a Pizza delivery (if you operate a delivery service)
9.      Create excitement about a competition you are running

Once you have these videos of course you can then use links to them in your emails, newsletters; in Facebook and Twitter posts and in Google Plus. 

Alistair Gray
Doctor Profit

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Marketing Lessons from a Master Electrician

On Friday night I had a chance to catch up with my son Andrew for a bite to eat at the pub. Andrew is an Electrician and we are often on the phone talking about marketing, devising new plans and slowly building his marketing system. By the way his company is Need An Electrician should you need one. I will be in trouble if I don't mention it.

He has just joined a BNI networking group. All of a sudden he has discovered the benefits of having another 30 sales people working for him, with referrals flowing thick and fast. Before joining he could never find the time. It wasn’t seen as a priority yet now he is struggling to find the time because of the work being generated. He paid for his BNI fees from the work generated in his first meeting. He tells me the members were impressed with the range of marketing tools he uses to get business from targeted flyers, to ads, to videos on his web site, to special reports, ad words, site optimisation, and directory listings to special referral cards and hard copy newsletters. The thing is he uses all the tools and is constantly looking for new ideas and ways to grow his business.

Talking hard copy newsletters about 6 months ago after much prompting from Dad, he finally produced his first hard copy newsletter. From memory it went out to about 250 of his past customers. He was wanting do something quick and cheap by email. I told him no. Post a hard copy and it will pay you back big time.

I also told him not to do what everyone else does and push a product, but instead to make a large part of the content personal.  On the front was a picture with him holding his new nephew Zachary born in December and later was a picture of their “million dollar” dog that had just had surgery. He showed his customer charter and gave them some valuable tips and a list of his services. This was not a fancy specially designed newsletter. It was simple. It was more importantly Andrew.

Anyway, over a beer, he said “You know that newsletter we sent out?” Yes, I said. “Well, today I did a job for this lady. Couldn’t remember who she was, but she wanted to know about the baby and how my wife was. It was funny, she thought the baby was mine”. Here it was over 6 months ago and Andrew was remembered because he had created a personal connection with his customers. He often also gets asked about his puppy “Freda” and still gets regular work from that one newsletter. Of course he needs to do more of them, but that is another story.

The most important lesson here is it is all about creating a connection with your customers. Be personal. Create a personality around you instead of standing behind a business name. Stand out and be different from everyone else. Be you. Your customers are not so interested in the “glob” you sell, but more in the person who sells it. Create a personality around your business. Put your picture up. Show pictures of you and your family, your pets and your interests. You will connect so much more and on so many more levels. Be authentic and your customers will come to know you, like you and trust you. After all, your customers prefer to connect with people they do business with and are genuinely interested in you and your team.

Alistair Gray
Doctor Profit