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Saturday, 26 May 2012

State of Origin Lessons for Restaurant Managers

It is State of Origin time. It is always great to see the best come out of the players as they proudly take the field with enormous pride and determination for 80 minutes of hard hitting football. The pride of their State riding high on their shoulders after months of intense preparation, coaching, tactical planning, fitness training to ensure the best chance of success.

As a restaurant owner how prepared are your team to "take the field?" Are they focused? Are they motivated? Are they determined? Are they properly briefed? Have you planned for their success? Do they know the specials?

A good question I suspect! We all get too busy. We assume our teams know what we expect, but do we actually tell them. Do we create the right expectations! Do we motivate them to achieve or do we bash them over the head with complaints and issues?

Yes, you have lots of casual staff, split shifts and all the challenges that brings. You still need to hold pre-shift briefings even if they have to be one on one.

The “pre-shift” briefing is a critical part of your success. Remember you are the coach and this meeting is a great way to keep the team focused, to share a common theme, to motivate, to encourage & create expectations.

Never demotivate your players before they take the "field" by having a "bitch" session.

To create a great meeting you should aim to -
·         Keep the meeting short, quick & to the point
·         Keep it positive
·         Acknowledge someone
·         Inform or instruct them of your expectations
·         Try & focus on one key thing
·         Create energy so they take this to the floor
·         Talk about the daily special
·         Get someone to demonstrate to the team how to sell it
·         Get interaction from the team
·         Set goals for the day e.g. average spend per wait person, up sells, etc
·         Create competition
·         Plan your meetings
·         Involve everyone
·         Have fun!

Do these things and not only will you have a happy team, your customers will be happier and your profits and sales will soar.

Alistair Gray
Doctor Profit