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Friday, 13 April 2012

What? No database!

It is all about Marketing!
A fundamental lesson in survival...

I was sitting with a beauty therapist in the Sydney CBD.

She had a very successful practise until one day everything changed. The fitness centre she was aligned with was sold and she was forced to do business in a completely different way.

All of a sudden the customers stopped coming and her cash flow dried up.

“Please help! What can I do?”

The first thing I asked was “Do you have a database of your past and current customers?”

“No”, she replied, “Only a few odd mobile numbers but nothing much.”

Then there was the restaurateur in the heart of the Sydney Financial District. The global financial crises arrived. All of a sudden his business stopped dead overnight. Again huge rents to pay but no cash flow and he was in trouble. When asked he had no database of his customers.

Or, the restaurateur in Melbourne who had been business for 10 years; highly successful; been on the business TV shows and then all the car yards around him suddenly moved. Suddenly he needed to promote his business in a different way, but without a database and no way of contacting his customers he was forced to use highly expensive and ineffective advertising.

You must have a database. Start today, it’s easy and it will save you thousands and be the cheapest insurance policy you can buy.

No matter what type of business you are in you need one.

Having a database of your customers, prospective customers, customers who didn’t buy, customers who made enquires or made contact is a critical business success factor. You will notice I haven’t just mentioned customers but all those who have made contact with the business.

Once you have a database it is real easy to “talk” to your customers whether it is by email, hard copy newsletter, SMS, phone, or a good old fashioned letter. You can reactivate old customers to return to your business, encourage existing customers to buy more and attract back those customers who have visited and not bought.

One of the biggest benefit of a database is you reduce wastage from in efficient advertising and blanket promotions to becoming more selective and targeted in your customer communications.

Running a restaurant with Restaurant Sales Builder makes all this real easy as not only do you have a system for collecting customer data, you have an automated customer communication system that keeps customers coming back and buying over and over again. To find out more please contact us.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Restaurant Sales Builder Proving To Be A Real Success!

Sales Builder Loyalty Creates Raving Fans...
The following self-explanatory article posted by one of our cousins in the States shows the real benefits of  Restaurant Sales Builder Program to boost sales and  customer loyalty.

Read more here

To find out more about the program here in Australia and how you too can use it to grow your sales please download your brief information package here or contact us here

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Guilty! Famous Restaurateur Sentenced...

The court room was hushed…

The judge was about to pass sentence on the well-dressed man in the dock.

He started to speak. “Mr Restaurateur you have been found guilty of random acts of marketing; of erratic results; of attracting coupon chasers; and worst of all of having an empty restaurant mid-week. I sentence you to years of struggle, to inconsistent cash flow and many hours of hard labour for little return.”

Yes, this may be a story but does it hold some truths for you. 

Are you in a 7 day a week prison where you are running around, working hard and you feel you are just not making progress?

Your sales are slow, yet the restaurant down the road is buzzing and you keep asking why? What are they doing that keeps their restaurant full of paying customers. My food is even better than theirs. They mass produce their meals and mine are individually prepared with love, care and attention. Yet they have the customers?

The good news it is not your fault. There is a better way.

Every day you pump out meals, that are predictable, consistent and of high quality. You can also do that with your marketing. Just like in preparing good meals you have a recipe; you cook, test and monitor the meals you produce until you get it right. Sometimes you get it wrong and you try again until you find the right formula that works.

Yes, you have a system for producing consistent quality meals. Marketing to fill your restaurant with the right customers is exactly the same.

You can develop systems that will afford-ably, efficiently and predictably produce for you an abundant supply of quality customers.

The key word is SYSTEMS.

You need a marketing system in place to consistently and predictably deliver quality diners to your restaurant at a time when you want to deliver customers to your restaurant?

Note the emphasis on the word quality… this means attracting the right customers to your business. A basic essential is a system to collect full customer information, not just emails?

Building a system doesn’t happen overnight, though there are some short cuts to jump start your successes. For example the Restaurant Sales Builder System provides a great system to automate core customer communications and encourage repeat dining.

Other systems could include for example targeted direct mail. Once you have a series of letters that are proven to work, this can be used time and time again to fill your restaurant when you need to boost sales. 

The other day for example we ran a pilot campaign targeting 131 prospects and ended up attracting 68 customers for lunch. This can be improved and rolled out to other prospects to become part of your marketing system.

You too can have all the customers you want. A strong cash flow and a repeatable cash generating sales system. To find out more and book your FREE, “Fill Your Restaurant Sales Strategy Session” go to