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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Restaurants...Clean Up Australia...Local Promotions

Tomorrow is Clean Up Australia Day. Restaurant Owners for some of you this presents a great opportunity to extend your reach in your local community.

With careful forward planning you can maximise on these type of local events as a very low cost and easy way to attract new customers to your restaurant.

For example: With Clean Up Australia Day find out who the local organisers are for the clean-up and then give them a heap of “Thank you Dining Certificates” which can be given out to volunteers who participate in the clean-up.

Not only do you get the good PR with being associated with a good cause, you are helping the organiser to acknowledge in some way the contribution of the volunteers. They will love you for that.

This is a “dirt cheap” way of attracting new customers. Your only cost is a bit of time, some photocopying or printing of vouchers, and the food cost of any vouchers actually redeemed.

When they dine you get the customer details and join them into your loyalty program. For those who use Restaurant Sales Builder a complete program is already in place to do this for you.

Say your 3 year lifetime value per customer is $1260 (you need to calculate your figures…yours maybe more) it is easy to see the value of these low cost promotions and how much it is costing you by not planning ahead and using theses opportunities.

You may have “missed the boat” this time, but think ahead…what other local events could you apply this principle to?

Those who participate in my coaching programs, planning sessions, or specific promotions get the benefit of having me as their marketing director, thinking ahead, identifying opportunities, challenging them, and helping them to achieve significantly better results. 

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