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Monday, 12 December 2011

Networking For Lunch!

Serve samples of your dishes for visitors to try

Many independent restaurants struggle to get a real connection with the local business community. 

As a result their share of the lucrative business lunch trade suffers.

Just like any other business owner, restaurateurs need to to get out and be masters of networking in their local business community. 

This means attending Chamber of Commerce meetings, business briefings and other business events being held in your local area. You can then used the opportunity when meeting other business people to introduce yourself, your restaurant and your offering. A good way of attracting customers is to pass out business cards with an offer attached and inviting them to visit and try your restaurant.

A really powerful strategy is to regularly hold your own networking event at your restaurant. All the attendees can be hand-picked and invited. What works really well is to work in conjunction with a local banker or accountant and get them to sponsor the event and bring some of their clients.

The secret is to quietly work together and pre-match attendees. Then make a point of introducing them during the event so your visitors see you as working to help them grow their business. By pre-matching you are looking for people who are keen to do business. You then match them with a likely prospect or someone who can introduce or provide access to the other party’s ideal clients. Try this. Your customers will love it.

Provide complimentary drinks and food. This is a real low cost marketing expense which will pay you back handsomely. By bringing in business customers in this way, they will get to know your restaurant and be keen to reciprocate by bringing their customers in for business lunches and quiet dinners.

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