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Sunday, 18 December 2011

7 Powerful Ways to Use a Great Restaurant Review

Restaurant Review

1.    Reprint it as a place mat.
2.    Use it in your newsletter.
3.    Put it on your Facebook page.
4.    Copy it and make it part of the collateral you send to prospective special event or function customers.
5.    Post it on your web site or blog.
6.    Frame it and put it in your window or on your wall. (Don’t be lazy and just cut it out and stick it in the window with cello tape so it fades and lowers the image of your restaurant).
7.    Mention it on Twitter and provide a link to it.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Networking For Lunch!

Serve samples of your dishes for visitors to try

Many independent restaurants struggle to get a real connection with the local business community. 

As a result their share of the lucrative business lunch trade suffers.

Just like any other business owner, restaurateurs need to to get out and be masters of networking in their local business community. 

This means attending Chamber of Commerce meetings, business briefings and other business events being held in your local area. You can then used the opportunity when meeting other business people to introduce yourself, your restaurant and your offering. A good way of attracting customers is to pass out business cards with an offer attached and inviting them to visit and try your restaurant.

A really powerful strategy is to regularly hold your own networking event at your restaurant. All the attendees can be hand-picked and invited. What works really well is to work in conjunction with a local banker or accountant and get them to sponsor the event and bring some of their clients.

The secret is to quietly work together and pre-match attendees. Then make a point of introducing them during the event so your visitors see you as working to help them grow their business. By pre-matching you are looking for people who are keen to do business. You then match them with a likely prospect or someone who can introduce or provide access to the other party’s ideal clients. Try this. Your customers will love it.

Provide complimentary drinks and food. This is a real low cost marketing expense which will pay you back handsomely. By bringing in business customers in this way, they will get to know your restaurant and be keen to reciprocate by bringing their customers in for business lunches and quiet dinners.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Are you making the most of the Christmas lead up?

Beside the fun of leading into Christmas with parties, decorations and all the fun stuff that goes into making Christmas special; this is a great time to attract new customers and to build your list.

Often it will be a time when groups, or larger parties of diners visit. This usually means you will have visitors visiting your restaurant for the very first time. You will find diners are often looking for somewhere new at this time of year. It is important to not only attract your regulars but make your restaurant welcoming to new visitors.

This obviously creates opportunity. For those restaurants smart enough to have a customer loyalty and rewards program in place like Restaurant Sales Builder will have many of the essential mechanisms in place to maximize on the opportunity.

There is some simple things you can be doing to make this holiday season work for your restaurant. This includes...

  1. Using Social Media to promote your restaurant. This means you need to be actively using both Facebook and Twitter to talk about the great things happening at your place. I suggest you create reasons to encourage new customers to visit. Remember there is thousands of competitors out there so why should a potential customer dine with you instead of going to a competitor. Create reasons and make sure your potential customers see your restaurant as a fun place to visit. After all that is what your customers are wanting to do. Have fun and celebrate the end of the year.
  2. Collect Customer Contact Details. Now is the time to grow your data base. Yes you are busy and your staff are run off their feet. You need to make sure this important activity is not overlooked. In need create incentives for your staff to collect this valuable information. This is gold for you.
  3. Create "Bounce Back" Programs. Once the new year hits things will slow down. With many on holiday and returning to work with credit card debts to pay off and the school fees to pay. You need to have in place a program of "bounce back" certificates with incentives for diners to return in the new year.
  4. Making your restaurant a place to meet. There are many end of year functions going on and of course many of your customers are into Christmas shopping. So maybe you could promote your restaurant as a place to come early prior to doing the Christmas shop. Or, maybe a place for the final end of year drinks with you having available a "tapas" type offering, or promoting an entree type "last business day" casual menu option that is attractive for workers to meet. Obviously you need to promote to local businesses and of course your existing mailing list. 
Don't just sit back expecting it all to happen. Now is the time to be proactive and beef up your marketing activities.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

20 Powerful Secrets To Successful SMS Marketing

Check out this very comprehensive article on SMS marketing by Margaret Mastrogiacomo in the the Hospitality Net on line newsletter. While written for Hotels very relevant for almost any industry including restaurants.

Top 20 Secrets to Hotel SMS Marketing

Some of the key points she makes include -

  • Keep your communications personal
  • Make sure you engage the customer before sending push messages
  • Always provide value
  • Make sure your messages are interactive with competitions and trivia
  • Capitalize on immediacy and the need to take action now
  • Test everything
  • Always have a call to action
  • Direct users to a mobile landing page
  • Use mobile coupons
Plus heaps more.

This is a very good article and well worth the read.

For more information on how you can use Mobile Marketing here in Australia contact Alistair Gray at Restaurant Sales Builder - Australia Call 1300 654 252 or email

More restaurants are taking up mobile marketing...

Restaurants are more and more using mobile media to by past the spam filters and get their directly messages through to their customers and achieve significant results.

The key is not to bombard customers with messages but to systematically communicate no more than weekly with ideally timed relevant information and offers.

Check out what other restaurants are doing by reading this great article by Mark Walsh in the Media Post News....

Restaurant Industry Serves Up Mobile Offers

For more information on how you can use Mobile Marketing here in Australia contact Alistair Gray at Restaurant Sales Builder - Australia Call 1300 654 252 or email

Saturday, 3 December 2011

YELP Arrives in Australia

American Restaurant Review Tool YELP has finally arrived in Australia. Set to give Eatability a run for their money and to shake up the industry. See this great article by Danielle Bowling in the Hospitality Magazine below...

YELP in Australia