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Monday, 24 October 2011

How to cycle your way to more restaurant profits!

I have decided to buy a bike. I have been sitting too much and starting to feel the weight return around the waste after the winter and too much good living. You know that feeling of being a "blob"! Beside getting some fresh air and getting the blood pumping can only be good for me. So off I trundle down to the local bike shop.
Help me. Which one should I buy?

I am served by a sales lady. I tell her I haven't had a bike for 30 years and I was wondering what was available. I don't need anything fancy just something to get me round the river and bay area.

So she reels off three different bike types and their prices. She may well have been talking french. What are the differences? There are racks of bikes but she doesn't show me anything. I then ask her about helmets and other words I am a pretty interested buyer.

With prompting she then shows me a picture of one of the bikes. I can see I am not getting anywhere fast here and say "I think about it" and leave. She doesn't get my details, show me anything I can touch and feel; offer any brochures, so I go...never to return.

Interesting isn't it. How often does something like this happen in your restaurant?

At this time of year the phone will be ringing with function inquires; requests for catering and help and advice for  staff Christmas parties. Your prospective customers they may also be just calling in; or they maybe asking for information from servers when they are dining. These function inquires are your bikes. How well are you handing these requests?

Do you have a process for managing inquires?
Do you collect customer information whether they book or not?
Do you have a system to automatically follow up each inquiry?
Do you have a questioning process to drill down and understand your customer needs and make them feel important?
Do you have some collateral to give them with menus, options and suggestions for holding a successful function?
How do you add value so your prospective customer feels you are the only place to hold their event?
Do you have a system for measuring the metrics i.e. how many inquires do you get? How many book straight away? How many inquires do you miss? How many do you follow up and get the booking? Etc
Do you know how they heard about you? Have they dined at the restaurant before?
Do you know why or why they didn't book with you?
Do you segment these type of inquires in your database so you can contact them again about other events and functions?

Yes, this one simple touch point can make or break your business. 

Now would be a good time to audit what is actually happening? May be even asked someone to do a mystery shopper for you and get them to give you some feedback. Don't make the mistake of assuming all is probably is not.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Sustainability - New Labeling For Restaurants?

With the introduction of the Carbon Tax Legislation introduced to the lower house this week and the likelihood of the is passing into law by the end of the year this recent article in QSR caught my eye

Imagine maybe having to show your carbon footprint on your menu and how much CO2 is saved by buying one burger against another. The environment as we have traditionally know it is fast changing as can be seen in this article. Change represents opportunity...can you turn these changes to a marketing opportunity? 

With virtually no one thinking or talking about sustainability as it relates to individual menu items or their restaurant does this create an opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd and attract a "Green Customer"? Does it make a basis for a promotion? Their is a preemptive advantage sitting waiting for someone willing to pick it up and run with it? Let me know what you think?

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

How Consumers Prefer To Receive Mobile Coupons

In today there is a great post and stats about about how consumers prefer to receive coupons by Smart Phone or Tablet. Includes such stats as 51% of mobile consumers would prefer to receive their coupons via mobile email and much more.

You can check out the full article here...