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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Unlocking the "Gold" in your Restaurant!

One of the most valuable activities you can do in your restaurant is to collect customer names and build a database. This is simply the "Gold" in your restaurant or for that matter in any business.

Because with out the basic customer details like their name, address, email, phone number you have no way of contact them again and you are forced to spend money on advertising and promotions to get them come back into your restaurant. Don't assume they will remember you, as within a few days you will be well out of their mind and within hours of leaving will be bombarded with offers from your competitors. Your job is to simply remind them you are there and the good time they had the last time they dined with you.

Collecting additional information like a customer birthday not only allows you to send them an offer on their birthday but enables you to segment your customer base so you can send targeted offers to different demographic groups.

Yes building a customer database is one of the most important and cost beneficial activities you can do. Luckily for those who invest in the Restaurant Sales Builder System we show you not only how to collect customer details; but how to turn those details into an endless stream of cash.

A good restaurateur will constantly be looking for new ways to build their database. 

Some easy ways you can do this include -
  • Using customer information forms in the restaurant 
  • Collecting business cards in a fish bowl
  • By running competitions
  • Collecting email addresses at time of making a reservation and then sending a confirming email/SMS with offer to join your VIP Guest program
  • Running coloring contests in conjunction with the local school, preschool 
  • Running surveys in your local paper
  • Having a web site sign up form
  • Building alliances with local businesses
Yes, once you have a customer database you then have the flexibility to quickly and at short notice send out a promotion or information to your customer. 

For example a small suburban restaurant could send out a quick email something like this -

"It is Monday night! Recovery Monday!

You have had a hard weekend! You are tired! 

We know you don't really want to cook! You have got to think about what to eat and getting food in!

Yes, it is all too hard! Or is it?

Why not drop down to Big Al's Steakhouse and we will make it really easy!

Buy any main from our mouth watering menu and mention this offer and we give you absolutely FREE the most fabulous Sticky Date Pudding you have ever tasted. A large piece of hot pudding covered in a sticky caramel sauce, with a large blob of vanilla ice cream to top it off and gently melting on the plate."

I don't know about you but I am feeling hungry just writing this.

When you have the Restaurant Sales Builder System in place you can do this sort of promotion in a couple of minutes. You don't have to worry about -
  • working with clumsy excel files
  • cutting and pasting data
  • working with outlook or some other email program.
Instead, with your own CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System built into the Restaurant Sales Builder System it is all set up ready to go. You just write your promotion, attach your coupon automatically and send it out within minutes; all from one place without the hassle. 

You now are in total control.