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Saturday, 25 June 2011

7 Ways Restaurants Can Use The Simple Business Card To Skyrocket Sales!

Restaurant Marketing using the power of personal relationships and a simple business card is a very powerful and inexpensive tool to drive new customers into your restaurant. For some unknown reason most restaurateurs don't use it.

In my last post I showed you how using a carefully crafted business card with a strong offer, and call to action used in conjunction with the Restaurant Sales Builder System will generate an ongoing stream of cash. This simple little activity is just waiting for smart restaurant owners to pick up and turn into cash.

Here is a list of 7 ways you can use these cards to generate more business ...

  1. Start a local visit program in your local area - yes get out of your restaurant and go down the street and start visiting local businesses, offices and retailers and start introducing yourself. Make a point of leaving your card with an invitation to visit
  2. Attend local Chamber of Commerce Meetings, Networking meetings; create an opportunity to visit local service club meetings; better join a local service club like Rotary or Lions and get involved in the community
  3. Get involved with your local school, sports clubs or charity - all will offer opportunities for you to meet people and give out your newly designed business card
  4. Every time you give out your card give out two cards and ask your new friend to pass the extra card to someone else. Make sure you always invite them to visit and point out the offer on the card. They will appreciate it and be more likely to give the second card away
  5. Give 10 cards to every staff member and ask them to give them away to their friends and people they meet. They should also hand out 2 cards each time. Get them to put their name on each card so you can track what is happening. Make them all, including the chef and the dish washer all members of your marketing team. When they have given them all away give them another 10 cards to start again. You could set up an incentive program so that say when 5 business cards were presented you gave them say a couple of movie tickets or other reward.
  6. Get cards printed with staff members names - particularly your permanent senior staff. Watch how this lifts moral and how many cards now go out the door!
  7. Give a couple of cards to every happy customer and ask them to give them away to their friends.
Remember, this about getting people to visit your restaurant for the first time. You need to create an irresistible offer so that along with the personal invitation they will visit. Most people will not dine alone and will bring a friend or friends and your business will quickly grow. This simple strategy is much cheaper than any other type of advertising and your customers, staff and community will love you for it.

Finally, when your new customers visit you need to make them feel special. Encourage them to join your VIP Guest program and give you their contact details. Make sure you give them a membership card on the spot and maybe even a small departing gift to wow them and thank them so they will want to return. 

Now you have their details you can use the power of Restaurant Sales Builder Automated Marketing System to do the rest and keep your new customer coming back time and time again.

By the way, don't forget to thank everyone for their referrals. 

Monday, 20 June 2011

Best Restaurant Business Card Ever!

Restaurant Business Cards are probably one of the most under used and yet most cost effective and valuable marketing resources available to restaurant owners.

Above is a copy of a great business card from my good friends Pat and Dawn Griswold owners of Pizzi Cafe in Conneaut, Ohio.

What makes this card so great? It is NOT the colors, the logo or the design but what is actually on the card. Let's look a little closer...

First there is an invitation "Join Us Tonight" - it is asking you to visit.

Second there is a reason to visit - Redeem this card for a FREE Pasta Dinner or FREE Medium 1-Topping Pizza - an offer or bribe to encourage you to visit for the first time

Third - It is telling you they are part of our local community and how they very much like to support the community in which they live

Fourth - it has all the essentials - hours of operation, address, phone number, web site and logo

It is all here. But it even gets better...

This Business Card Generates An Ongoing Stream Of Cash!

When the card is redeemed the new customer is immediately enrolled in their VIP Guest Program and given a new membership card as part of their Customer Loyalty Program. The customer is then able to earn points and rewards not only on this initial purchase but on future dining purchases. They also receive gifts on their birthday and anniversaries along with other awards and advance notice of special events.

With the Restaurant Sales Builder Program looking after all the administration of their VIP Guest Program Dawn and Pat can spend all their time ensuring their customers have a great time when they visit. You only have to check out the pictures on the Pizzi Cafe web site to see that is exactly what there customers do.

There is one thing to attract new customers to your restaurant but you need to have a system to support this like the Restaurant Sales Builder System to ensure your new customer returns time and time again.

In my next post I will talk a little more about using business cards. I will also reveal one very powerful business building secret that very few restaurateurs use. It costs virtually nothing and will drive new customers to your restaurant - guaranteed! Watch this space...