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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Being outrageous at lunch time gets you noticed!

I was just returning from the city and feeling hungry when I noticed these two young ladies waving their signs outside the Ruby L'otel in Rozelle. I couldn't resist the photo opportunity and the chance to enjoy a $10 lunch. I congratulate the owners for this  simple but effective initiative.

Many reading this would say 'This is out side a pub - we couldn't do that!" Rubbish - why not? Yes, and dare I say it if you think like that your restaurant is probably empty. You could even take the concept and with a little refinement try it out side a fine dining restaurant.

The most important thing in your marketing is to be noticed. As Gary Halbert one of the world's best marketers would say it is all about creating a little theatre and excitement and being noticed.

So often I have come across restaurants particularly in suburban areas struggling at lunch time. They complain but do nothing about changing their situation. Your quiet time maybe later in the day. It doesn't really matter when, other than you need to recognise this as a time of opportunity.

What can you do to bring people into your restaurant in those quiet times? How can you be different than everyone else? What would make you standout from the crowd? What changes do you need to make to the menu? The way you operate? Do you need to attract a different type of customer at that time? Etc? Etc?

Some simple ideas -

  • Introduce snacking or mini meal options
  • Have a fast and casual type menu for the during the day, maybe more salads, and light lunch options or in the winter soups and scones
  • Cater more for mums and dads, or maybe have a kid focus
  • Offer "Happy Hours" for early diners
  • Introduce music or other entertainment to encourage visitors at times they would not normally visit e.g. a piano playing over lunch or a bit of jazz may create a bit of "buzz"
  • Offer specialty deserts or maybe "High Tea"
  • Maybe you could value add by offering a free car wash while they eat
I am sure you could come up with many other ideas. Why not ask your customers what they think? Be prepared to be flexible. Move away from the square box and be prepared to experiment and you can not fail.

Finally, don't forget to tell your customers. Don't assume they will know what you are doing. That is what is great about the Restaurant Sales Builder System .You have the means and flexibility to quickly communicate with your customers; have a bit of fun and can easily share the good news with them.

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